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Important Safety Information

Some Common Sense about Portable Posts and Safety.

crowd control safety

The Intended Uses of Portable Posts

Portable posts function as a terrific visual barrier and guidance system, with the additional benifits of being easy to reconfigure, relocate, and store away throughout the day as requirements change. When used for these intended purposes, portable posts are safe and effective.

Our metal portable posts are designed with wide, heavyweight cast-iron bases for excellent stability. Nevertheless, like any other portable objects (such as chairs, stools, coat trees, sign stands, ect.) portable posts can be toppled over if they are used improperly.

What Portable Posts are NOT Indended For

Portable posts, and any attached ropes or retractable belts, are not intended to be pulled, pushed, leaned on, or sat upon. This is obvious to the vast majority of the public. Millions of men, women, and children are safely guided by our portable posts every year.

Potential Safety Problems...

Some people, however, such as very y oung children, may not be capable of understanding the basic physics of portable objects. If not properly supervised, they may "play" with a rope, belt, or post, or otherwise exert a lateral force on the post. If enough force is exerted, this misuse can cause a post to topple over, and may cause accidental injury.

The Solution: Choose the appropriate equipment for your facility.

When choosing a guiding system the management of a facility should think about their typical clientele, and evaluate the likelihood that their costumers or visitors will interact with portable posts in the appropriate manner. If a facility expects that their guests may include individuals incapable of interacting properly with portable posts (such as very young children who are not closely supervised), they sould choose from our many alternative products to provide the most appropriate guidence system for their specific customers and requirements.

Alternatives to Portable Posts

In addition to our portable posts used with rope or retractible belts, we offer a wide variety of other public guidence products that may be more appropriate for a particular facility.

1. Tubes, Beams, & Panels

For example, we offer horizontal tubes, beams and panels that can be used instead of ropes or belts, which act as a deterrent to posts being pulled over by direct downward pressure.

2. Removable Posts

A more stable alternative to portable posts are removable posts, which slide into the sockets that are permantly mounted in the floor. As their name implies, removable posts can be easily moved and stored, as situations demand. They are most appropriate for areas with established traffic patterns.

3. Fixed Posts & Railing

Another more stable alternative to portable posts is fixed posts and fixed railing systems. Fixed posts are permanently affixed to the floor, and cannot be removed. These are also best used in areas with established traffic patterns.

The Bottom Line: Keep your Customers Safe

All of our posts are extremely safe and effective when used as intended. Each facility needs to evaluate its individual needs in order to select the mix of products that will best match the characteristics of its visiting public and provide the appropriate balance of control, flexibility, and stability required.

View the OSHA Crowd Control Management Safety Guidelines for Retailers.

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